I was afforded the opportunity to preach a senior sermon just prior to my departure from seminary. The text I chose was Psalm 119:89-104. Some of which reads:

… Your word is standing in heaven… I will not forget Your instructions… I sought Your instructions… I will understand Your testimonies… I love Your instruction… my meditation all day… Your commandment makes me wiser… I observe Your instructions… because You taught me.

My main premise was that we must cultivate a deep desire for God’s Word because He has personally written to us. This passage was one which was very convicting to me personally with its inherent refrain of God’s Word repeated over and over, imminent and important to the writer just like the unending rhythm of one’s heart. And yet through Bible college and Seminary, places where I was striving to pursue in continually deeper degrees this one single element of the Christian faith, I found myself further and further away from actual time spent with God and His Word, the very thing I had set myself to study. It is a rather sad story to admit that my personal devotional time with God through His Word was often non-existent during those many months of intense study about those exact Words God had put forth.

So now that I have had time to wrap up my most current courses and have settled into my new profession, I am finding a little more time to reflect on what I have gleaned from college and seminary.

I often thought that when the homework would cease, that life would restore itself and my time would magically be spent engrossed in Scripture. However, I have found this to be a naive delusion as other things are starting to creep into my life in an attempt to make it just as busy.

And yet, in spite of this, I am making time for God. Time I never made for Him in the past. God’s Word is beginning to open itself to me as I open those very pages myself. I feel as I once did during those freshman years when everything I was learning was exciting and new. I’m am again slowly rediscovering God’s Word. I am finding that as I pour over it, it is beginning to pour into me again. I now feel as if I have been thirsty and dry for so long, have gone so long without taking a slow reflective sip of God’s pure stream, that I had forgotten what real spiritual refreshment felt like.

So all of that to say, God is still there. He has been waiting for me to take my nourishment not from the physical, philosophical, or even theological world of men, but from His world of spiritual life bound in His Word. So my question to you is; when was the last time you stopped to seek and walk by the streams of living water to pause long enough to take a sip of God’s Word? Don’t make my mistake of neglecting Him. He is waiting for you right now to meet Him in His Word.


2 Responses to “Devotions”

  1. Holly Moline Says:

    Thank you for these encouraging words. I am currently in the midst of the busiest semester of my life, and the next one looks even more daunting. I know that I need that spiritual refreshment more than anything, to keep going and to stay focused, but like you, I seem to let the business of the day wipe out my regular devotion time far too often. It’s a fresh week, and your gentle reminder was just what I needed to help me start it off the right way—with my personal devos.

  2. I’m glad it was an encouragement Holly. That was my hope, a simple reminder that God desires our time including when we are busy. Hope your semester goes well!

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