Study, Do, Teach…

Reading through the book of Ezra, Ezra 7:10 really caught my attention. “For Ezra had set his heart to study the Law of the LORD, and to do it and to teach his statutes and rules in Israel.” For the past 8 years through college and seminary I have been setting my heart to study God’s Word. This study has had the end goal of being fulfilled in teaching, just as in this verse. But, this verse has a middle element. I really had to stop and consider if I was actually taking the time to “do” what I was consuming from God’s Word. One can study theology, quote and memorize large portions of Scripture, have the head knowledge, and yet be empty when it comes to actually living it out. Reflecting back on my course of study, were many times that I would sit and study just to file it away in my memory so at some later point in time I could reconstruct it to teach others. I found that this would be used when I “did” good things like teaching Sunday school, preaching at the retirement community, singing in the choir, or various other “ministry” type activities. But more often than not, I would not take the time to meditate on the Word for its sanctifying value in my own personal life. I would just pass it on to other people. I could say all the right words, reiterate the proper theology, and yet my own soul was wasting away from lack of deep spiritual nourishment. The head knowledge I was assimilating never really penetrated my heart. While I often thought that I was following Ezra in setting my heart towards God’s Word, I was really only engaging my mind.  I would like to change that.

A brief challenge to you as you read this:

Not only your mind, but also your heart, ENGAGE IT!

Meditate on God’s Word and put it into practice, DO IT!

Don’t keep all of that to yourself, SHARE IT!

Ezra had the proper order and God was with Him — Ezra 7:28 “I took courage, for the hand of the LORD my God was on me.”


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