Truth & Blind Man’s Bluff…

Working in a library now, I’ve run across an article by Andrew Abbott entitled The Traditional Future: A Computational Theory of Library Research. While that may not excite some, I did come across one phrase that perfectly summed up the quest for truth.

Scientific “methods are thus ultimately a formalized version of blind man’s bluff; we make educated guesses about where the truth is and then get told whether our guesses are right or wrong. Fundamental to this game is our belief that the truth is somewhere out there in the world to be discovered.”

Science takes stabs at truth blindfolded. When they remove the blindfold they claim to have the truth. Sometimes they do get it right. But they can never be absolutely sure. There is always someone else out there trying the same method to disprove the others claims at truth.

How glad I am to have a sure foundation of truth. Who would want to place their “faith” in a system that can never make any absolute claims? How can we know the way? Only through Christ who is:

“The way, The TRUTH, and the Light…” (John 14:6)

So which do you choose as your foundation of truth? A formalized version of blindman’s bluff or Christ?


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