Some things you just can’t visualize…

You know… there are some things you just can’t visualize. What is the breadth of this seemingly endless universe? How do you visualize that? When we try to relate an experience we’ve had, often phrases go “oh well you know its kinda like…” or “just picture… it’s similar to that.”

When I was younger (talking single digits now) I received a picture Bible during Vacation Bible School one summer. I remember that Bible fondly as I would enjoy following along in church since I could visualize with the pictures. I know my mother probably has that book packed up somewhere in one of my boxes. I’ve been trying to visualize what the pictures look like in Romans where Paul floods his book with abstract concepts…

SIN – “No one understands; no one seeks for God,” “Their throat is an open grave,” “The venom of asps is under their lips,” “Their mouth is full of curses and bitterness,” “Their feet are swift to shed blood,” “Their paths are ruin and misery.”

Paul uses visual imagery to help capture emotive power to project a tangible sensation to associate with a concept, in this particular instance–sin.

And yet even with all the visualization we have both mentally and now through technology, there are somethings you just cannot translate into an image. The above example of sin illustrates the fact that to capture the breadth, depth, height, nuance, power, importance, etc., it requires multiple visualizations. But even with a multitude of images one can draw one, it still does not ever fully communicate the whole truth in a single moment.

God is described as a Father, a husband, as having human-like manifestations such as eyes and hands, He can hear, He can turn away… He is the ultimate judge both in mercy and justice, He is the king, He is sensitive, He is harsh. And yet each one of these elements is just scratching the surface of the whole. Thinking about my little picture Bible, I’m wondering how they portray God. I want to look back and see how they visually represent the person of God. He is too much for one image to contain. And He is the ultimate example of why there are some things you just can’t visualize.


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